“Mr. Pratt cared about each student”

“Dennis Pratt was my band teacher at Dixon Middle School. His love and passion for music and teaching were indisputable. He made learning music fun and accessible to everybody. At the same time, he maintained a disciplined environment with high expectations where students developed musical skill quickly and effectively in a way that is unmatched among all other music teachers that I have known. I especially appreciated the emphasis he placed on learning how to learn by developing good practice techniques and habits.

“Mr. Pratt cared about each student and was personally invested in our success. He always expected our very best and when we fell short, he was always nurturing and motivating.

“The things I learned from Mr. Pratt have been far reaching. I developed skills that enabled me to enjoy music beyond middle school. I also found that there was significant crossover to general school studies. I attribute much of my academic success to important learning skills and discipline I developed while under the tutelage of Mr. Pratt.

“I still occasionally find myself whistling ‘Bristol Bay Legend’, ‘Chesapeake Overture’, or ‘Of Pride and Celebration’ (songs we learned).”