Testimonials of music teacher Dennis Pratt

Kristen Randle, mother of several students

“Every one of our four children was fortunate to have had the influence of Dennis Pratt in their lives. My husband and I would always exchange a look at our kids’ junior high concerts—and say, “The man is a saint.” He took every child seriously, introducing them to their instruments, to written music, the concepts of practice and musical unity and performance—a man of great love and patience. He knew every child in every band by name—something that didn’t always happen on the high school level—and worked with them carefully. When my daughter wanted to change from playing her father’s clarinet to her mother’s flute in the middle of the year, he gave her a chance to do that. He recognized her talent and allowed her every chance to grow and learn. In the end, in her freshman year of college, she sat First Alto Sax in Synthesis, BYU’s premier jazz band—and much of the confidence and passion for music that got her there started under Mr. Pratt’s tutelage.

“I have always been impressed with his ability to respond to the need of the family and the student. Some professional educators seem unable to leave protocols, making the system more important than the learner. This was never the case with Mr. Pratt. A man of thought and perception, he could run an entire junior high smoothly while serving the individual needs of engaged and unusual students. We respected him. Trusted him. Enjoyed our interactions with him. But most of all, we are grateful for the growth in both talent and discipline that our children achieved under his influence. This is a good man who loves kids and knows how to teach them. It was an honor for us to trust our kids to him.”

Dale Richards, former trumpet student

“Dennis Pratt is a music educator of incredible experience and caliber. When I was attending Dixon Middle School in Provo, Mr. Pratt provided my friends and me with musical foundations in both symphonic band and jazz repertoire. My first exposure to jazz improvisation came from Mr. Pratt. I went on to play, improvise, record, and compose music in college and continue to enjoy participating in community musical events today. I recommend Dennis Pratt to any parents looking to provide their children with a top notch private music education.”

Lindsay Robinson, former oboe student

“Dennis Pratt was a happy, inclusive, and motivated band director to a bunch of interested (and clueless … ) Jr. high kids. I remember feeling un-intimidated by him, even though I was so new at playing the oboe. He was kind and gracious to the students. It was easy to be in his class because of his presence. I even had the courage to challenge the other chair for first under his tutelage, which is a big deal for me!”

Kathy Perides, co-worker and mother of a drum & percussion student

“I had the privilege to work several years at the same school with Dennis Pratt. Mr. Pratt was our awesome band teacher. I was always so excited to hear his band students playing for the students having breakfast early in the mornings. I would often go into his class room just to listen to them and watch Mr. Pratt multi-tasking as he directed and assisted each student as they played. Mr. Pratt’s students loved him so much as did the rest of us and he was my son’s favorite teacher in 7th and 8th grade. The band concerts were amazing. Mr. Pratt is so dedicated, cheerful, and so fun. There is no other place I would take my children, adults, or myself for classes. Thanks Mr. Pratt for making such a positive impact on my son, all your students, and myself.”

Linda Van Orman, fellow music teacher, speaking of Dennis & Carla Pratt

“I cannot imagine better teachers!!!!”

Megan Williams Hinckley, former flute student

“Dennis Pratt is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He has a great love and knowledge of music and also a way of teaching that is fun and motivating! I had him as a teacher when I was young and also had the pleasure of working with him as an adult. I’m so excited he is opening his own music school because music teaching is his gift!”

Sarah (Jones) Meeks, former clarinet student, and current high school band director

“This is so exciting!!! Mr. Pratt was my band director at Dixon Middle School many moons ago. It was because of him and his amazing teaching that I decided in 8th grade to become a band teacher! I am now in my 14th year as a Junior High/High School Band Director in Arizona. I also credit him with knowing how to count any rhythm that I come across—thanks to those pesky flash cards. Every student will get a first class music education with Dennis Pratt! Try it out!”

Josh Gunn, former flute & jazz piano student

“Dennis Pratt was my band teacher at Dixon Middle School. His love and passion for music and teaching were indisputable. He made learning music fun and accessible to everybody. At the same time, he maintained a disciplined environment with high expectations where students developed musical skill quickly and effectively in a way that is unmatched among all other music teachers that I have known. I especially appreciated the emphasis he placed on learning how to learn by developing good practice techniques and habits.

“Mr. Pratt cared about each student and was personally invested in our success. He always expected our very best and when we fell short, he was always nurturing and motivating.

“The things I learned from Mr. Pratt have been far reaching. I developed skills that enabled me to enjoy music beyond middle school. I also found that there was significant crossover to general school studies. I attribute much of my academic success to important learning skills and discipline I developed while under the tutelage of Mr. Pratt.

“I still occasionally find myself whistling ‘Bristol Bay Legend’, ‘Chesapeake Overture’, or ‘Of Pride and Celebration’ (songs we learned).”

Megan Doxey Hunter, former flute student

“I am so happy to hear that Dennis Pratt, one of my favorite teachers & mentors in music education from my youth, is opening a new private music school, Prattland Music Adventures in Lehi, UT. I know that all of the students that are fortunate enough to attend this school will feel of the passion Dennis has for music, his desire to see his students succeed, to learn to perform and to develop their talents. These students will be inspired to learn & share what they have learned for years to come. He is an excellent teacher!”

Testimonials of music teacher Carla Pratt

Steve Gardanier, parent of five piano students:

"We were blessed to have Carla teach piano to all 5 of our children. She helped them connect with music through a variety of different means. She is amazing! Besides being an outstanding music teacher, she is an even better person. I loved that my children had the opportunity to spend time weekly with her for over 10 years!"

Jennifer Card, parent

"We have had a number of our children take piano and/or voice lessons from Carla Pratt, co-founder of Prattland Music Adventures.  We found Mrs. Pratt's instruction to be better than competent, apt for each student's age, and all done in a patient and encouraging environment. Our children owe much of their current musical skills to Carla Pratt's masterful teaching."

Arlen L Card, music composer and producer, co-composer of "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration"

“I have hired Carla Pratt to sing on vocal recording sessions numerous times over the last 20 years. She is one of my anchor sopranos and I hate producing a session without her. If her teaching is up to her level of performance, a student can be in no better hands." 

Kathie Ellsworth, parent of two piano students 

"I have known the Pratts for several years and have been impressed with their kindness and integrity. 

"My son took piano lessons from Carla and although he didn't love music he loved her and would practice not to improve but for her. He commented after every lesson how nice she was. She is very patient and kind with her students, we have had many music teachers over the years but Carla Pratt is our very favorite!!"

Jill Stott, parent

"Carla is a wonderful piano teacher. I loved her teaching method; she provided quality instruction time along with a music learning lab and personal practice time during the lesson. She also used a reward system that worked very well for my son. Not only is her music experience and teaching method impressive, but she is a warm and kind teacher—my son always looked forward to his lessons with her."

Terra Harvey, parent of a piano student

"Carla Pratt taught my daughter piano for six years. Carla is a patient, kind, and experienced teacher that I would recommend to anyone. Any student would be lucky to have her as a teacher."